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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 35: Reading

Monday: We read some of Samantha's Level One readers. We also read a ton of other books. I had a huge pile of all her books and I just let her pick one after the other. She really enjoyed that. 

Tuesday: We played some matching games with letters, upper and lowercase. And we also practiced writing. (Samantha is getting really good at tracing her name.) 

Wednesday: No story time. I cannot remember why either. 

Thursday: Her art project was to make a book. It is one of those that you try to re-write the words of the book and color the pictures. 

Friday: We tried some new recipes for Christmas, but to be honest, the only way that tied in was "reading" the recipes. 

Saturday: We played a ton of computer games, reading games of course like the ones on Star Fall and the PBS Word World games. 

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