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Friday, March 25, 2011

Week One: A Healthy Earth Is A Healthy Me

This was our first week. Things were a little out of order because we had a crazy week. But I think for our first week, it went pretty smooth. Here is what we did: 

Monday: We read a book about recycling and used our "reusable shopping bags," and pretend grocery shopped in the kitchen. We went over which items were healthy for you, and which ones weren't.

Tuesday: We had to skip this day, had a lot going on.

Wednesday: We picked up trash outside. (This didn't go so well. It was sort of cold, and about to rain. Samantha was grumpy.)

Thursday: We made "dirt cups," out of pudding and Oreos and gummy worms. She LOVED it! She really got into it. We also had a healthy snack and talked about organic foods. We had mandarin oranges and all natural juice.

Friday: Watch a Barney movie about taking care of the Earth. (Thanks to Christina for finding it.) I think we are going to do a movie every Friday. Since we have instant on Netflix, it shouldn't be hard to find something on each topic, hopefully. We also did a small activity/art project. We took two pieces of construction paper, one blue, one green. I made little fish out of copper wire, and then also took some trash. For every piece of trash we threw into the "pond"-the blue paper, a fish disappear. Then after there were no fish left, the pond was "green." We had to take the trash out of the pond one piece at a time and as the trash disappeared, the fish reappeared. (We were going to do an art project, but I can't get to the art stuff right now. Again, long story.)

She Loves her little bag.

This one is my bag.

LOVE this book!

"Grocery Shopping"

We talked about the difference between plastic bags and reusable shopping bags. We also talked about different ways to reuse plastic bags.

These are the groceries she picked out.

Picking Up Trash

About To Make Our Dirt Cups

After we mixed it, it looked like mud.

Here it is...Our Dirt Cup. We put it in a clean disposable flower pot to make it more "Real."

She had a worm in her mouth.

Healthy Snack, All Organic

She was posing in this picture.

Watching Barney

This was the nasty pond with all the trash.

This is the clean pong with all the fish. I promise the paper is blue. It just looks green in the picture.

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