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Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello, Welcome to My Adventure As A Homeschooling Mom of One...

Hello, and welcome to my adventure as a homeschooling Mom of One smart little 2-year-old. I made the decision to homeschool not too long ago, maybe a few months. Our reasoning: We want to be responsible for her education. Although I will be deciding what she will learn, we will be taking this adventure all together as a family. We want her learning to be Christian based. We also enjoy the flexibility and freedom that homeschooling brings, choosing the hours, the activities, everything. My husband and I have agreed that we do not want to formally school until our Daughter is in Kindergarten. Until then, we are going to allow life to be her teacher. Although, I have recently chose to enhance that learning with a small 30 minute lesson each day. We will pick a topic for the week and each day there will be a different activity for the topic. I am trying my best to do a book, an activity, an art project, and a food project with each one. I am just praying that the old saying is true, "Practice Makes Perfect."

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