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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spring, I Miss You

It's been awhile. Again. Got our handouts done.  We have an orientation on fostering to adopt on Monday,  but otherwise we are in the waiting period. I update that a lot on my Mays Family blog. Today it's about S. Winter got the best of us. I went back to feeling guilty. But honestly not guilty enough.

S is at a point now where I don't worry too much anymore about her functioning ability in society. She reads.  A lot.  I don't mean she reads a lot of books. I mean she just reads whatever is around her without asking for help.  She read the contents on the Chick-fil-A sauce package and knew soybean oil and corn syrup like it was nothing. Today at co-op we let the girls go wild with crafts and they got out an origami book.  Sam read off the directions like nothing and they were able to complete i twithout help.

She is nearing 7-1/2. And as I predicted, we are in the car yesterday and I told her she would have her allowance on Friday.  Then I hear this, "Three days away. I have 27 dollars. Ten more will give me 37 and I'll only be 3 dollars short of 40. That's okay. I just need to find 12 quarters in my piggy bank." My first thought was,  "Had somebody been giving her math lessons behind my back?" Sure. We did 2 20 minutes sessions in the last week on adding up change, but it was like, "What is 2 quarters plus 3 dimes plus 6 pennies?" And then she would use her abacus (which she loves) to add it up.  No worries there either.

But winter does have us longing for a change of pace, so Friday we will be leaving the house first thing in the morning, going to the bank to teach her how to withdraw money, continuing to the mall, talking about how to use a calculator to do a percentage off, calculating sales tax-with calculator,  a few requirements about good stewardship for AHG badge-I'm buying lunch-which the catch is she has to learn to use a check register to input my total-and then she is going to shop for a toy with her money.  Day done.  And we will go home and crash. We just need out of the house to do something we don't always do!

Neither of us can wait for Spring. The smell of Spring alone brings so many emotions and memories for me.  Playing games outside in the driveway,  laying on her trampoline while she bounces away,  taking the hammock to the park to read together-and then napping until the park is empty and it is time to go home.  ♡ Oh Spring, come quickly!

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