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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Imperfections of Homeschooling

Oh my Goodness, I could sit and read those Ryan Gossling Homeschool Memes all day long!!! They are so funny. I find humor in them because it is such the life I live as a Homeschool Mom. And my poor Husband, who puts up with it always smiles and allows it to happen.

These are so funny because they are true imperfections of homeschool. Some days there are half sewn dolls, Lego's, and paper projects all over the table. (Even though S has her own table!) Some days we haven't even gotten dressed by time J gets home! Maybe S didn't wake up until 10 and we are so engrossed in a project, that we don't even stop to brush our hair. And when J gets home, sometimes it has been all day and I haven't had any adult interaction except phone calls from him so he listens to me go on and on and on about this new game I bought and everything it will teach...FOR HOURS. As a Homeschool Mom, I see the education in everything and yes, Little House totally counts as an entire History curriculum. Maybe not 3 years in a row, but to each their own. He He. Not to mention that I'm all about "modeling." Reading a book all day totally counts, even if all S did was play all day-which is, by the way, totally educational also. There are weeks we spend one good day doing tons of reading, lots of experiments. And then the rest of the week we are here and there and seeing friends and going to the library-totally counts as a field trip. Or we might spend the entire day sleeping or cuddled in the featherbed and playing with toys together. Oh, and I hope my neighbors would understand if S were outside with barefoot during winter in the middle of the day with a BB Gun and paintballs. And if I hear one more person ask S why she isn't in school, I may just take a page out of Gossling's book and ask them why THEY aren't! It isn't quite as panadamonious as it may sound, but it is an adventure. And not everything is perfect. I wouldn't find humor in it if S weren't learning and progressing at the rate she is. But there is value in all we do and I see the benefits of allowing that to happen daily. Some days we just need LOTS of rest. Some days we need lots of play. Others reading. Or the total obsession with a new project, even if it means wreaking of cupcake mold and sweating like a pig when "the principle" gets home. I'm sure he won't fire me. ;)

I'm very thankful for a Husband who WOULD sell the house and move into the woods and make soap with me. (In fact, we have discussed it.) I'm thankful for a Husband who listens to my raving about Smath and Right Start or the benefits of unschooling, even if he picks at me from time to time. I am thankful for a Husband who laughs when the table is covered in glitter, because guess what, today the glitter zoo WAS more important than math. It's okay to eat standing up or on the couch, as long as we are together as a family. I am thankful for a Husband who doesn't feel the need to live in society's mold when we don't fit it. And most importantly I am happy to have a Husband who supports every crazy idea and pholosophy I spit out. And then just nods and agrees when I change my mind and say that "I don't know what I was thinking last year when I said, ____." Thank God for Husbands like that.

People are so disgusted when we bring home things like this. Thus is the life...

And My Husband's Sarcasm

Honestly, knowing my neighbors, they would call DFACS.

When does the table NOT look like this?

Um Yea. I feel so accomplished. 

I'm glad you see it my way. 

I'm totally sure Hubby feels this way as I poor over educational materials with my geek glasses on wearing his black Gears of War robe. 

Okay. Maybe not Pop Tarts...Or Sponge Bob. But peanuts and Martha Speaks. ;) Modeling is everything. 

Of course you do, Jessie, because I talk about it each and every day of the year. 

Well...It's True.

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