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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Just Rambling

Just a little rambling about our Summer. It has been a great Summer so far, the best yet.

Yesterday, for the 4th of July we were invited to a friend's house to have a cookout and do a few fireworks for the kids. They know how to do a cookout! Peanuts, hummus with tortillas fried in coconut oil, spinach and strawberry salad...(I just ate the strawberries), burgers....yum. And watermelon for dessert. We brought watermelon-Earth Fare had a huge sale on them so we brought a few. We talked, laughed, ate, all that good adult stuff while the kids played. I got my feet detoxed, which was nice. So gross to see everything that came out. And Samantha got to walk around the neighborhood with her friends. (She has never done that before, but I was glad she got a taste of the 70's. I hope she does a little more often.) It's the little things, okay? The kids got a little Chemistry lesson with the Snakes, typical homeschoolers. And then we shot off the night time fireworks. My Hubby and hers got along really well, like they have the last few times they got together. Of course, they are both into computers, so that was a good conversation sparker. It was a nice night. We plan to have them over for a movie night (projector screen outside) soon. We were out until 12:30-they are night owls too. Then we took my brother home and passed out. It is nice to have a few sets of couple friends to do things with, each one adds a little something to your life, and hopefully you can add a little something to theirs.

Speaking of friends and foot baths, Suzette has opened my eyes to a whole new world of health I never realized was there. As much as I like the idea of detoxing through foods I never knew you could do it in a foot bath! You wouldn't believe the stuff that comes out of you! But I don't have several hundred dollars to buy a footbath for regular use, so I found a homemade foot bath that many people swear works just the same! All it is is positive and negative charges being sent through your body. Just like a silver generator, which we also need, charges sent through rods. So as opposed to spending all that money on fancy machines, we are going to make our own homemade machines. I will post if all goes well!

This lazy Summer has sparked my interest in several things other than alternative health. S and I have been sewing like mad women! I rather enjoy doing it by hand and would really like to learn to use my small machine and make S some more clothes. (My most recent pillowcase dress turned oyt great!) This Summer had also been an experience in gardening for the both of us. We have little potatoes now and our pepper plants are flowering all over the place! It has brought my attention to the fact that organic doesn't always mean super healthy. Whole foods hold what we need. So we have been on a venture to get S to try new foods so we can change our diet to a more whole food approach. It has been more challenging for me than for her I think. I do not like fruits and only a few vegetables. I have been having to train myself to overcome textures. S has been great about it. She has tried peanuts, hummus, chick peas, oranges, and banana smoothie, which she loved all of those. Pineapples and blue berries, not as much. But that's okay. She tried them and that is what counts. We have had such success with this new approach we are taking. I'm very proud of her! I'm hoping we can replace ice cream nights with smoothie nights and special candy days with nuts or something. Of course I realize we need to enjoy ourselves and maybe junk it up once in awhile, but the less we do it, the better.

Well, better get to bed. We need to leave early tomorrow. Camping. We have been camping a lot this Summer, every other weekend, going different places from Alabama to Dahlonega and soon South Carolina. Samantha has had the chance to learn about wildlife and plants. She has seen waterfalls and heard sounds she has never heard before. She has helped to research backpacking products and knows what each one is for and how to use it. She enjoys our adventures and never can wait to see where we go next. It is a nice family activity, like a regular relaxing vacation. Totally worth the investment! Something I think we will all enjoy for year to come.

Will picture post soon.

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