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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Learning House


I Love looking around the house at night. It looks cleaner in the dark. No sunlight to show the dust floating in the air or the pawprints on the hardwood that seem to always come back as soon as I finish mopping.

I realized the other night how much learning is always going on. Math problems and words written everywhere. The experiments on the counters. The History. (Dates that Daddy writes on the board for us to look up.) Books everywhere. Collections. Maps. Drawings. 

At any given time this stuff is spread throughout the house, in every room. Throughout the day there is always being something done. Exploring outside and in the community. Reading a book together in the bedroom. Playing a computer game in the living room. A board game at the Kitchen table. Or a hands on game in the hallway, such as the one we made called, "Name That State!" 

It's Our Learning House.

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