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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nature Display

As part if our nature studies, Samantha has a nature collection full of all sorts of things, acorns, leaves, sticks, rocks, shells, and then some cool less common stuff like the egg shells from the baby chicks we are raising. Turtle shell. Bones. Beetles. Etc. 

The coolest part is that Hubby likes to get in on the fun too. Anytime he finds something cool he finds out more about it and brings it home for S. (My Dad does too. He has a tumble weed and lava rocks for her! We will research them both when he brings them to her.)

DH brought home the turtle shell last Fall while hunting one weekend. And most recently he found the Beetle and learned it is the body of a rare beetle in our area called -----. 

I really wanted a nice way to display all of her stuff so she could show it off and be proud of it.
I considered a Nature Table, Waldorf Method. But the cat would get into it. Then I considered a Curio or China Cabinet, but they are so pricey, even used. So we opted for shadow frames. Ended up being too pricey too! 

Until I realized that I have tons of unused Mason jars! Which are like shadow boxes, but cylinders. So I spent all morning filling the Mason jars with all sorts of stuff, making it look nice and decorative, since it is going up in the hallway. And also framed the flat stuff like leaves and feathers.
It is all ready to go on shelves. :) (Just have to get the shelves now.) 

Just a Few of The Jars
A Few of the Frames

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