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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

McKay's Used Books

We took a trip to our local used books store last Monday. Only someone like me would be as excited about that as I was.

We traded in several of her old Imagination Library books that she has outgrown. We didn't get much for them,but enough to make Sam happy.

We took her to the reference section, her favorite area. They had several books for 50-75 cents. She got books about animals, Dinosaurs, rocks (which was on her list of wants), animal behaviors, deadly animals, gymnastics, and a few others. And we only spent half her credit!

Okay, okay. I felt bad that she didn't even look in the Children's section for story books....but with her, she only reads her favorite story books multiple times. The really rest depends on her mood what story and reading level she wants. So we have her favorite books, "Diary of a Worm," Ladybug Girl, Fancy Nancy. And the rest she can pick up at the library.

I like that she likes the reference books because they spark interest. AND we are considering turning the "baby room" into a library since it has been set up like that for a year and never actually used. It would be a nice area with book shelves, a chair a curio cabinet for her nature collection. And a small table for using a microscope or drawing, etc. Just a thought right now.

Anyhow, I definitely recommend used book stores. We take DD all the time and I Love to see her face light up when she gets "new to her" but affordable books. 

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