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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Learning All The Time

What an amazing book for homeschoolers! I found it on Amazon and it was always sold out for the first several months. I wondered why. Was it that good? 

Well, we finally got our hands on a copy, and I can answer that question, Yes it is! 

My daughter LOVES this book! She is at the age now where all her friends are starting school and she is still at home, doing the same things she has always done. She has asked questions about why she is homeschooled and they aren't and her friends have asked her why she doesn't go to school. 

This book gave her a better way to answer the question, one that satisfies her friends' curiosity, right now anyway. And it made her feel special, as a homeschooler. You don't see many books about homeschooled children. But you see tons about the first day of school or school troubles. 

The book is definitely worth adding to your home library. It has given my daughter real confidence. 

Also, a side note, I love that it does not put down children in school. Just because school is not right for our family, doesn't mean it doesn't work for others, and I really want her to know that it doesn't make us any better or worse than anybody else.

The book has an "unschoolish" feel to it...I assume because the author of the book unschools her children. That works for us though since we unschool. I like how it repeats that they are "Learning all the Time."  Just a great book all around! 

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